Cancellation Policy

In order to book your date and time, we require a 100% of the invoice paid.

Regardless of when your booking was placed, if for any reason you cancel your event and give us a notice with at least 5 days in advance, we refund 50% of the total invoiced or we can reschedule for new available date on the same year. If we are not available the date and time you request for rescheduling, we will do the 50% refund. If you fail to give us a cancellation notice for whatever reason or we receive a cancellation notice with less than 5 days in advance, we do not refund and do not reschedule. 

If you booked with us with less than 5 days to the date of your event, you have 2 days before (example. Notice on Thursday and the event on Saturday) the event to cancel and give us a notice to be able to give you a new reschedule date. 

If you book with less than 2 days to the event and cancel, we cannot refund but will reschedule if notice given the same day.
*Cancellation Notice must be in writing. Email tobooknow@beebeekidz.com

*Our cancellation policy is structured this way because once you book that date and time, the artist becomes unavailable to work another event but we commit to pay them for the job.

Inclement weather Cancellation Policy

In the event of rain, we can reschedule for another date available on the same year if we receive notice with at least 2 days in advance.  In the event of snow storm, tornado, flood, hurricane or any other nature related cause for cancellation, we will not refund or reschedule.


-Is responsibility of the customer to provide reasonable accommodations for the artist(s). This includes but is not limited to shade from sun(we provide our own tent if requested), under cover for rain.

-Note: The artist is not a babysitter. If no adults are around, the artist will not perform.

-If the child or adult has flu or cold symptoms, the artist will offer arm painting. If the child and/or adult refuses, the artist will NOT paint on the face. 

-It is the parents responsibility to inform the artist of any/all skin allergies and sensitivities. All of our products are 100% hypoallergenic and we are not responsible for any reactions they might have.

Hygiene and safety is one of our main priorities.
We clean and sanitize our equipment before and after each event. Use only FDA approved cosmetic quality face and body paints as well as glitter and glue for our gems. 

-Some of our balloons are made of latex. Any allergic reaction to them are not our responsibility. It is the customer's responsibility to let their guests know about the use of latex from our balloon decorations or balloon twisting shapes.

If you have any questions please email us to booknow@beebeekidz.com